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Why Journaling Matters

It was my sixth Christmas when I got my first journal. It was green and had a praying angel on the cover. Even though the pages would be penned in my very large learning-to-write characters and the greatest climax it ever saw was the frustration to be getting a second brother instead of a long-awaited… Continue reading Why Journaling Matters

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Letters From Mom – Part II

June 13 - Week 28 Dear Baby, I'm pretty sure you've grown while your daddy's been away for training. I've missed him. I think you have too. I think you miss his voice and large warm hand. We are officially in the 3rd trimester! 28 week today. It's hard to believe how fast it has… Continue reading Letters From Mom – Part II

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The Journal of Two Love Stories

"Journal writing is a voyage to the interior" -Christina Baldwin "These handwritten words in the pages of my journal confirm that from an early age I have experienced each encounter in my life twice; once in the world, and once again on the pages" - Terry Tempest Williams "The nicest part is being able to… Continue reading The Journal of Two Love Stories