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An Ode to the Army

When you first introduced yourself I didn't know much about you. I apprehensively shook your hand. That clammy first handshake turned into a begrudging nod and after six years of eye contact we've become intimately acquainted. Since Hawk's days of wearing camo and dog-tags have officially come to an end, I thought it would be… Continue reading An Ode to the Army

The Army Wife Chapters

Week 10: Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. Like many others my mind is full of the price our freedom actually costs. And unlike times in the past, I can only allow those thoughts to linger for so long. I can only handle so many heartbreaking photos and stories of those who have lost their loved ones. This year… Continue reading Week 10: Memorial Day

The Army Wife Chapters, The Marriage Chapters

Our Story – and Waiting

I've had my experience with waiting. The dreaded word in this instant gratification culture. Waiting seems like a foreign thing when there seems to be an "app" for everything.  The wait is the long line before the anticipated "roller coaster ride." Although sometimes the line, the wait, seems to be a roller coaster in and… Continue reading Our Story – and Waiting

Spiritual Growth, The Army Wife Chapters, The Marriage Chapters

Plan to be Surprised

Let me tell you a little secret. I never ever ever wanted to be interested in someone in the military. I never wanted to be involved with a soldier, especially one who is going to deploy. And yet I am. This is new. It's a completely different culture that I'm not used to and I… Continue reading Plan to be Surprised