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My Great-Grandfather’s Well | A Legacy of Faith

The Bible sits on one of my mom's bookshelves. It's red, normal looking. Doesn't have an interesting design on the cover. Doesn't even have a name imprinted on the lower corner. I was ten when he died. My great-grandpa on my mom's side. She asked to have this particular Bible after his death. Inside the… Continue reading My Great-Grandfather’s Well | A Legacy of Faith

Spiritual Growth

A Rendered Heart

Every now and then a theme of a particular Truth appears, and reappears, and reappears again in different ways and in different avenues. In this particular case, the Truth was loving God wholeheartedly - the avenues, a Bible study, a book by a completely different author, and a sermon by the pastor of my church.… Continue reading A Rendered Heart

Spiritual Growth

The Wanderer’s Returning

It's not that I meant to wander. It's not that I purposefully determined in my heart to stray from My First Love. It was the sinking revelation that I had made the Lord familiar - commonplace. When had His name stopped being so very precious to me? When had things that used to move me,… Continue reading The Wanderer’s Returning