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Why Journaling Matters

It was my sixth Christmas when I got my first journal. It was green and had a praying angel on the cover. Even though the pages would be penned in my very large learning-to-write characters and the greatest climax it ever saw was the frustration to be getting a second brother instead of a long-awaited… Continue reading Why Journaling Matters

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Week 6: Lest I Forget

May means another calendar page turned. It gives me satisfaction that time is indeed moving. Yet it also seems like I should be looking back on May like it was a long time ago. While I am sometimes tempted to bemoan the fact that Hawk is over 5,500 miles away from me, and that the… Continue reading Week 6: Lest I Forget

Spiritual Growth

In the Here & Now: Lessons from a Cup of Coffee

I sat across the table from her with a hot cup of coffee cradled between my fingertips. The impact of the words from my mouth startled me. Unexpected truth, said more for my benefit, than hers. The reality washed fresh over me as it clicked not just in the recesses of my brain, but the… Continue reading In the Here & Now: Lessons from a Cup of Coffee