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My Great-Grandfather’s Well | A Legacy of Faith

The Bible sits on one of my mom's bookshelves. It's red, normal looking. Doesn't have an interesting design on the cover. Doesn't even have a name imprinted on the lower corner. I was ten when he died. My great-grandpa on my mom's side. She asked to have this particular Bible after his death. Inside the… Continue reading My Great-Grandfather’s Well | A Legacy of Faith

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Why Journaling Matters

It was my sixth Christmas when I got my first journal. It was green and had a praying angel on the cover. Even though the pages would be penned in my very large learning-to-write characters and the greatest climax it ever saw was the frustration to be getting a second brother instead of a long-awaited… Continue reading Why Journaling Matters

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Here’s My Heart 

I've always loved the hymn "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing." Maybe because I see all too often my own wandering heart despite my desire to have it bound to Christ. However, only recently have I really come to appreciate the deep theology tucked within the lyrics penned by Robert Robinson (1735-1790). Come, thou Fount… Continue reading Here’s My Heart