Deployment, London, The Army Wife Chapters

Week 23: Waiting for the Plane

As I type this I sit in the airport waiting for my first flight. My second will take me across the ocean to see Hawk. After days and days (100+ to be exact) of counting and over five months apart, it’s a surreal moment now that it’s actually here. That this isn’t a dream that I will harshly wake up with the alarm clock. That it’s so close I can almost hug him, yet I’m still waiting. For the planes, for him to come home. This is indeed a season of wait. However, it’s also a season of blessings. Of getting to know each other on such a deep level. Of being reminded time and again by how many people love us. The excitement and support from everyone revolving around this trip has humbled and touched me.

The blessing of this trip! Of being able to see him! It fills my heart. Thank you everyone for loving us. For supporting us. For encouraging us. I am beyond honored and so thankful.

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