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Week 17: Photolog – Beach Loves

4 Months down. 6ish to go.

I’m at the beach this weekend, so I only thought it proper to include some pictures of Hawk and me at the beach, because face it, we are Florida kids through and through.


I miss the beach with my guy. One of our favorite things to do is walk the beach together. Holding hands. Talking. Laughing. Just being in one another’s presence. Now this became a greater problem this particular trip considering Hawk is 5,550 miles away. However, due to twenty-first century marvels, I was able to Skype him on the beach! He was grateful, not just to see me, but especially just to hear the waves crash since my Florida guy is landlocked and homesick for the beaches. He even made me walk the beach “with” him, the camera altering between showing my face and my feet in the water. I’m sure I looked quite comical talking animatedly into my phone while sitting and walking the coast line. I don’t even care, because he smiled. And I sure do love that smile.

Hawk gets a taste of the beach.
Skyping Hawk on the beach

We may or may not be already planning our next beach excursion when he gets home. It’s only 6 months away, right?

1 thought on “Week 17: Photolog – Beach Loves”

  1. NC beaches aren’t Florida Beaches but Emerald Isle is pretty nice. We enjoyed the sand, beach, ocean and sunsets. Love U Em

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