The Army Wife Chapters

Week 10: Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. Like many others my mind is full of the price our freedom actually costs. And unlike times in the past, I can only allow those thoughts to linger for so long. I can only handle so many heartbreaking photos and stories of those who have lost their loved ones. This year I’m scrolling by quickly. Because my man isn’t home yet. And while the area he is deployed isn’t exactly in the most dangerous “hotspot,” danger still exists, not to mention the fact that flying alone carries elements of danger itself. (You should see the manual Hawk has of potential things that could go wrong. It’s massive. But at least there are multiple suggested solutions to each bad scenario. And he has had extensive training – which brings slight comfort).

Overall, this is a day to remember the fallen. And I do. But I also take moments to reflect on all who have served or are serving. Like my great-uncle who was a paratrooper in WWII and helped liberate one of the Nazi concentration camps. While he doesn’t talk about it much, the things he witnessed and experienced are enough to suck the joy right out of life. But he still has hope. He still has joy. And I believe that is a miracle in and of itself.

I think of my grandfathers. One who served in the Air-Force and one in the Navy. I think of them carrying on romances with my grandmothers while they were separated –without the use of  the technology that we have today. I think of how hard it sometimes is when I want to talk to Hawk and the time difference makes it challenging, and then I remember that all my grandparents had to cling to were letters. And how my grandmothers saved those letters. Like they were lifelines.

And I think of just how proud I am of my Hawk. I am his biggest cheerleader. I am proud of his commitment to our country. To Christ. To his family. To me. I am amazed by what he does. How he has excelled in so many different areas of his life. How he applies himself. How he actually flies those beasts with all the buttons. (I got to sit in a Blackhawk and trust me – getting one of those things off the ground is not an easy feat). Hawk could be doing anything, be anyone, and I would still be proud of him, but I’m especially proud of how he serves our country.

photo 1
Me sitting in a Blackhawk. AKA the beast of buttons and gadgets and screens.
Write up in the newspaper about Army pilots. My Granny cut it out to show me. She’s as proud of him as if he were her own grandson.

So, if you have served or are serving in any of our Armed Forces, let me say with sincerest gratitude “Thank You.” And to your family members, I also humbly say “Thank You.” Because while we may not be in another country far from home, we are far from you.

And when the one you love is far away, you are homesick. Even though you may be technically on the home-front, it doesn’t feel quite like home as long as your love isn’t there. And the feeling of being homesick for the one you love just flat out sucks.

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