The Army Wife Chapters

Week 9: Big Things!

May has been a month of changes. Some exciting, some overwhelming, some just new.

Sunday- May 5th

A couple of weeks ago, I had reached my desperate point. While in church the song “I Surrender All” played and I just gave it all up. I gave up my worries about finding a “career job” that I had been looking so hard for. I gave up the constant mental battle of loneliness dealing with this deployment. I just gave up trying to make it all work. I reached the end of me. It was going to have to be God. Because Heaven knows I had done everything in “my” power to make it all work out — and it just wasn’t working. I decided to pray for big things. I prayed for God to do something big with my life.

That was Sunday.


Monday –

It was Hawk and my 8th month anniversary. My journal entry for the day: “I miss him all the time.”

Tuesday –

 I was surprised by flowers from him and was incredibly touched by his thoughtfulness. He definitely woos me, even when he’s an entire ocean away and occupies a completely different continent halfway around the world. Even when his mornings are my nights and his nights are my afternoons.

Wednesday –

I receive a call about going to an interview. At this point, I had already been on several interviews with no such luck. This particular call seemed to come out of the blue and was a pleasant surprise.

***Hawk Skypes me and asks me if I would be interested in possibly meeting up with him in London sometime this summer! Of course, you can guess what my answer was!!!! ; )

Thursday –

Dressed in a black lacy skirt and business blouse with a belt, I go to the interview. I meet the lady (who would be my boss) and then with HR. As I get ready to leave, the lady from HR tells me “I think you will be a fit here.”

Friday –

HR calls and officially offers me the job.

In the course of one week, I went from being down about not being able to find a job to practically being hired on the spot. I went from being depressed about the fact that Hawk and I still had at least eight more months to go before I’d be able to see his face in person, to planning a trip to see my man in just a couple of months – IN LONDON!

I prayed for God to do something BIG. And guess what? He did. He went way past my big.

photo 3
This makes my office feel more homey ❤
photo 2
Is it bad that I’m already mentally packing??? ; )

Dare to pray for big things. God hears.

And He answers with even bigger things than you could possibly even imagine.

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